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1. Send your catalog digital files:

2. Send your printed catalog as soon as possible to the address below. Access to both the electronic and print versions of your catalog helps ensure our accuracy.
  • Attn: Acquisitions and Data Assessment
    CollegeSource, Inc.
    8090 Engineer Road
    San Diego, CA 92111

3. Questions?
If you are responding to a letter or email we sent requesting catalog information and materials, please click the link below. After updating your information, please choose one of the above methods for sending in your catalogs or files.

Responding to a letter or email request?

Responding to our catalog request letter, submitting (links to) your institution’s catalog data, or subscribing to one of CollegeSource, Inc.'s on-line services , expressly grants CollegeSource, Inc. a non-exclusive right and license to digitize, create derivative works, and publish that data (and updates to that data) in its on-line services on a continuing basis. This permission to collect and create digital copies of an institutions’ catalog data is in no way intended to infringe on their intellectual property rights. Collection of updates will continue unless CollegeSource, Inc. is notified otherwise in writing.

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